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  • Castara Main Beach
  • Castara Main Beach


Castara is a dreamy little fishing village on the Caribbean coast of Tobago. The perfect place to forget about your demanding lives and just relax. You will not find a lot of action here, but there is always a chance to go on a trip around the island, just to come back in the evening and enjoy to be in the best location possible.

Castara has a few guesthouses nowadays, but no hotels. You will never find it over-crowded. There are different restaurants so you can enjoy dining out. If you feel like cooking for yourself you can buy your groceries on the way from the airport in a supermarket and replenish your stock in the local little shops in the village.

Don't miss out on the fresh fish at the fishermen's co-op and the homemade bread at the clay oven twice per week.

Castara has a beautiful unspoiled reef in Little Bay where even not so strong swimmers can snorkel from the beach and a charming little waterfall that you can reach by foot and walk in the river.

The Big Bay has lifeguards on duty every day of the week. The beach in the smaller Little Bay, home to Alibaba Tours and Alibaba Sea Breeze, is even shallower and at calm seas perfect for supervised children.

If you feel for a bit more action we can arrange a wide range of tours for you or mountain biking, horseback riding, sea kayaking, diving, golfing or even a day trip to Trinidad.

This if just a little taste of what awaits you. For detailed visitor information about Tobago, we recommend www.myTobago.info who kindly provided many of the photographs used to illustrate this website.



Latitude 11°N, Longitude 60°W

Trinidad is 7 miles (11km) from Venezuela and Tobago lies 21 miles northeast of Trinidad.

The Fish-shaped island of Tobago measures 26 miles (42km) by 7.5 miles (10km) and has a total area of 116 square miles (300km2).


Trinidad ∓ Tobago have a total population of 1.3 million. Tobago's population is approximately 61,000.

The ethnic mix of Trinidad & Tobago is in total: 40% of African descent, 40% of Indian descent, 18% mixed, 0.6% European, 0.4% Chinese, 0.6% other. The ethnic mix in Tobago is 93% of African descent.

The religion of Trinidad & Tobago is roughly 29% Roman Catholic, 24% Hindu, 11% Anglican and 6% Muslim.


The official language of T&T is English. However, the "language" used in private conversation by locals is a dialect of English mixed with words of all the nationalities that have occupied the islands over the years. But no worries, every Trinbagonian speaks English and you will find the charming accent one of the easiest to understand.


Trinidad & Tobago has been independent since 1962. The twin-island Republic has a democratic muti-party government but is still a member of the British Commonwealth.

Major Towns

Scarborough the main town and capital of Tobago. Other larger towns are Roxborough and Charlotteville.


Tropical. There is a dry season from January to May and a wet season from June to December. Annual rainfall is about 200cm (40 inches) over most of the country. Trinidad and Tobago is just south of the hurricane belt.


Sunrise - 06:00am; Sunset - 06:30pm

Time Zone

4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or 5 hours behind British Summer Time (BST).

1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST).


115 volts/230 volts (+/- 6%); 60hz, adapters are needed.

Telephone/Fax Code

From Europe, dial 001 (868) + seven (7) digit local number.


Departure Tax: $100TT must be paid in local currency. Check with your airline as most airlines now include the departure tax in the flight ticket cost.

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