Families & Children

Are you traveling with your children?

BedPlaypenNo problem with us!

Not only do we have the family apartment "Mot Mot" with its double-decker bed waiting for you; we also have a travel cot for the smaller ones available. Children up to 4 years (depending on their highs) can sleep in their special tent - mosquito & escape proof, the zip can only be opened from thBunk bede outside. The travel cot comes with an inflatable mattress, but can also be placed on top of the upper bed - already tested with kids of one and a half and two years - they loved it! Older kids can just sleep on the upper bed. There is a rail to avoid accidents.

KitchenThe "Mot Mot" also offers a bigger bathroom with a spacious shower for parents and children.

The kitchen- and living area is matched to the needs of a family. A big fridge, two tables and a lot of storage place will make it easy to prepare meals and spend time inside with the kids when the sun should be too hot or a tropical Balconyrain cools down the day.

ViewsIf you travel with one small child (up to 4 years) everyone of our apartments will suit you with our or your own travel cot.

On the balcony of the "Mot Mot" apartment you will find additional to the hanging seat a hammock, so mummy or daddy can read their book or enjoy the stunning view while junior is taking a The beachnap in the comfortable swinging chair.

SwimmingWe always have a choice of beach & water toys for the day and children's books for bedtime reading.

The beach of "Little Bay" is one of the best for kids Swimmingin whole Tobago. Very shallow water and calm seas most of the time are excellent for junior playing and the parents or bigger kids snorkeling at the reef. If the waves should be too high now and then, just cool down your toddler in the pool of a next guest house in the same bay.

Boating with AlibabaAll tours of "Alibaba-Tours" can be tailored to suit your family so you won't miss out exploring our beautiful island. For your child's safety we have an inflatable car seat for the smaller ones and a special seat cushion for the bigger (but still too short) children.